Get Prepared To Fight Fleas This Spring

Get Prepared To Fight Fleas This Spring

Fleas are an uncomfortable experience for your pet, and your house as a whole, a situation that you want to avoid if at all possible. A flea infestation can cause allergic reactions in your dog and cat. A single flea bite may cause itching over your pet’s entire body. In addition, fleas can cause flea-borne diseases that can affect both your pet or family. Consider Advecta to help prevent a flea infestation in your home with effective products for flea treatment for dogs and cats. Continue reading to learn how to fight fleas this spring and keep them away!


Now is the time to start your fight against fleas to help protect your dog and cat (and home) from a flea infestation. With Advecta, our flea treatments should be applied monthly for optimal effectiveness. By applying the flea medication to your dog or cat, you will prevent a flea infestation and a complete invasion of your home. Only in cases of severe flea infestation, will retreatment be necessary earlier than one month. Once flea control is attained, you can return to a monthly application schedule (be sure to always follow product directions) .


TreatmentIf for some reason a flea infestation does occur this spring, Advecta offers easy to use effective treatment products. Our flea treatment products include shampoos and sprays that can be used directly on your pet to eliminate and kill all fleas on your pet and in their environment. Although flea infestations are unlikely, especially if preventative measures are taken, Advecta flea treatment will stop fleas in their tracks and you will be able to reclaim your home.

Proper Pet Hygiene

As the spring draws near, continual monthly spot treatment is important for flea prevention, and so is your pet’s hygiene. You can take simple step to ensure your pet’s fur or hair is clean and comfortable before and throughout flea season. Advecta recommends giving your pets a bath every few weeks to clean their fur. And, you should brush your pets once a week to keep their fur or hair free of allergens, pet dander, and potential pests. These small steps will also decrease pest risk in your home throughout the spring season.

Buy Advecta Flea Treatment Today!

Prevent and fight against fleas this spring with Advecta flea treatment for cats and dogs. Advecta is the most effective product to eliminate and control fleas on your pets throughout the year. For questions or concerns about our dog flea treatment and where to buy Advecta, call our team directly at 1-888-846-4231. We will be more than happy to assist you and ensure your pets are prepared to fight against fleas this spring!

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