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At Advecta, we want to help you keep your pet healthy by providing fast-acting, long-lasting solutions for flea and tick treatment, prevention, and protection. Our products hit fleas and ticks at the source, not only eradicating live fleas, but eliminating flea eggs and larvae as well as ticks and chewing lice. We offer a variety of flea & tick treatment solutions that make it easy to protect your favorite feline – so you can focus on enjoying life with your cat.

About Advecta
About the Advecta Flea & Tick Brand

Fleas are not only deeply uncomfortable for cats, but can pose potential health risks such as scratching and restlessness, to tapeworm or flea allergy dermatitis. At Advecta, we're here to help put a stop to fleas. We're proud to offer premium-quality, effective flea & tick prevention products for both cats (& dogs), making it easier than ever to protect your pet and eliminate pests. Our products use the same active ingredients as many leading brands, providing fast relief from fleas and ticks and long-term protection and prevention.

The Dangers of Fleas for Cats
Fleas are more than just an annoyance for your cat: without treatment, a flea infestation can lead to potentially serious pet health problems and even cause problems for the humans in your home. Learn the dangers that fleas can pose, as well as how to spot flea symptoms and what to do about them.
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